Research has it that hiring a person referred by an employee has more benefits of being faster, cheaper and with a high retention rate. Employee referral is an important aspect of any business due to its many benefits. Under the program, the existing employees recommend a person for an open position and get rewarded when that person is hired. However, for the referral to be a success, it needs to be instilled in the employees by promoting it using various means that include using employee referral slogans to give it identity, informing the employees about the referral program and increasing its visibility.

For the referral program to succeed, employees need to know about it by constant updates. These can be done using the company newsletter and emails. Employees should be updated on the latest features, success tips from accomplished referrers and names of those who have successfully referred. Regular updates can ensure that the employees are constantly reminded of the program and they are equipped with the necessary information. It should also be easy for an employee to apply to the program.

Always remind employees of the referral program by having the information openly displayed in the company. Posters, charts and short video clips placed in strategic positions in the company can serve to remind the employees about the program. You may also take an extra step and use branded merchandise in the office such as pens, books and bags.

And to make it stick, give the referral program a catchy slogan. This way, the employees will have an easy and constant reminder of why they should take part. Here are some of the popular employee referral slogans.

Sample referral program slogans

Help us build a winning team

A players know other A players

Great people know other great people

We need your help to become champions

Pick with us the team

Let us know those you know

The best is what we need

Don’t you know someone?

You like them we like them

Scout talent and work with the best

Lets scout talent

On the lookout for amazing talent like yours

Let us see your buddy

Have friends?

Free your power to earn

Let friends make you money

Have your friends over

They win you win

Quid pro quo

We love your buddies

Change their life

Make money via friends

Refer them and make money

One good for another

Tell them

We share and care

Referrals to cash

p>Let them come

Let your friends join the bandwagon

The more the merrier

Shout out and earn

Love us share us

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