Project onboarding is a critical step that every organization should take after getting a new project. Many managers often overlook this process and may lead to the project sinking after starting. Project onboarding template ensures that the necessary requirements are available before starting a project. If the onboarding process is done and done properly, it may lead to the project being successful.

A project onboarding template may also be necessary when there is a need for new talent to an already existing project. Remember the way you handle can either win or lose the trust of a customer. A project onboarding template differs according to the organization policy. Most of these models may be modified to meet your company's need. Thus the following model can be amended by any manager to meet recommend whatever he/she like.

Items on a Project Onboarding Template.

The process

The process in which the project exist.

Project Description

Give a summary of what the whole project entails. The strategies and the objectives of the project should be part of the review.

Purpose of the project

Explain the rationale behind it. That is why you are undertaking the project. For example,

The goal of the project. The main of the project is to ensure that the company sales

Target audience

The primary project objective is to reach a particular group. The Audience communicates that…


The corporate management. This includes the project manager, directors of the coordinator.

The Human Resource Manager will coordinate the project. The employee representative will be in charge of all activities during the working project hours. Direct any problem that may arise in the working hours to the Human Resource Manager.

Corporate identity

  • Name of the client
  • Address
  • Phone number

Data Labour

  • Name
  • Time of work
  • Job description

Available Assets

  • Company buildings
  • Raw materials
  • Software
  • Transportation

Referencing/ suggestions

List any insight or comments you may have on the project. We welcome and appreciate suggestions, comments or any referencing material that may have an impact on the project.

Policy of the company

The rules and procedures that govern any project are part of the template, and outlining can be done. For example, all technical requirements are to be outlined before the project begins. Failure will lead to a delay of the project.

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