Most people think that employee orientation is tedious with lots of paperwork and training to carry on. It can be fun and involve with unusual practices that employees of all ages feel comfortable to undergo. Fun and engaging activities put your staff at ease allowing them to learn fast and get acquainted with the workplace better and within a short time.

Top Employee Orientation Ideas

  • Having undergone such high costs and time in recruiting the new employees you cannot afford to lose them before they even settle down well. Your business cannot afford to lose out on new hires; that's why you ought to handle them in a new exciting way. Ideas on how to deal with new employees may include:
  • Have the new hires start on a different day other than Mondays – It is official that Mondays have an ugly feeling, more so if it is your first day at work. Opting to choose a different day other than Monday makes the week brighter for them.Department Orientation – Each department is allowed to make a five-minute new orientation telling why new hires should care to work hard to join their staff and how their joining adds value to the company.
  • Surprise new employees with lunch on the first day – This meal can be used to introduce them to the rest of the team even in different departments and make them feel at home and relaxed around everybody else.
  • During training allow new hires to get practical – For example, if your company builds software applications it would be wise to teach the new recruits how to create one on their own.
  • A welcome map for all employees – Most companies have adopted the plan where on your first day you get to add your photo and select pins showing where you were born, where you schooled and where you currently live. You also get to know the other employees that you find there.
  • Different colored uniforms – You can get the new staff a different colored uniform that they can wear in their first month to allow everyone to identify them quickly since they are new and welcome them.
  • A platform for all employees to learn each other – A blog or a website would be a splendid idea where there are general questions about themselves that teach employee should fill out and check out the other employees' profiles to learn something about them.
  • Call them up before they report for their first day – Whether it's the supervisor or a fellow worker, let them call the new hires a few days before the reporting date letting them know they are expecting them.

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