Apply these technical skills and competencies to successfully perform your technical-related duties.

4 key technical skills and competencies

While looking for a job, a technical skill set is one of the areas job seekers should work on in improving so that they can separate from the pack. Various careers have different and specific technical skills that anyone pursuing that career should possess. Technical skills are simply abilities and knowledge either taught or self-taught and which are needed to perform a particular task. They require thorough training and experience so as to master it. Some of the primary technical skills that recruiting managers look out for in future employees include data analysis, project management, social media experience, and planning.

Social media knowledge

In this era of information technology, a lot is being done on the social media. It has become a big platform which the big and small businesses now use to continue to thrive in the industry. So knowledge and expertise in this area can indeed make you a highly sought after person. People have earned money from companies due to their ability to use social media to create awareness of their employer’s products or services.

Data analysis

Every company has do deal with data and lots of it. Some are simple, while others are complex to handle. Due to that, companies seek to hire a person with excellent data analysis skill. You need to have skills to collect, analyze, interpret and present the data. You should know how to use some of the data analysis techniques and software so you can be more marketable.

Project management

Companies are engaged in many projects whether small or big. Their aim is for these projects to achieve their intended purpose once complete. For this reason, they will hire people who have the ability to handle projects and who will ensure they achieve the desired outcome. The person who is tasked with this mandate should show excellent project management abilities through showing great leadership, good planning abilities, people management skill and resource management among others.


Everything that you will set out to do will require proper planning as it is the greatest determinant if the project will succeed or not. The ability to plan is essential as it shows that one can take a particular task, do it correctly and achieve the required results. With proper planning, it means the resources used will be managed properly and that the desired results will be attained.

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