Master the following 6 interview question that you may encounter after you have applied for some APS position

Aps: 6 interview questions and answers

Most of the Australian Public Service interview structures varies from one organization to the other. While observations made shows that most of the APS agencies conduct the interview themselves, it’s better to be prepared for every question they slam your way. In an APS job interview, the panel is usually composed of three interviewers and very often will you find a scribe taking notes.

Using a selected criterion, most of the APS interview involve shortlisting questions. These questions are asked to aid in determining your abilities and skills for the advertised job. The most important part of an interview is to attend these issues well prepared.  The best way you can be ready for the question and answer is by looking at the company website, looking for APS 6 interview questions and practicing them before the interview day. Check the following APS 6 interview questions and use the answers provided to interest your employees.

Anticipating Questions

  • What skills do will you bring to the agency

Mention the skills that you possess that will attract the employer to hire you for the position.

  • Can you tell us the APS Values?

Impartial, committed to services, accountable, respectful and ethical.

  • Tell us who is the minister responsible for the following portfolio?

Research the current reforms made in the Australian Government Administration.

  • Can You tell us what the vision of the agency is?

The Australian Public Service is to provide the services that the country’s needs, and work with the company to promote better practice.

  • What area are you applying for?

Know your career and apply for a position you are an expert.

Behavioral questions

  • On the advertisement, the goals of the agency were outlined, can you tell us the bureau goals that makes us achieve our vision?

The interviewer needs to know whether you read the advertisement thoroughly. The question should be easy to answer.

  • Tell us why you are leaving your former agency?

Avoid negative answers; having worked in the office for the past ten years I have decided to increase my knowledge and skills in the related field.

  • Having used to work for government agency for so long, is there anything that still shocks you?

Answer with a sensible answer; I am amazed by the number of the candidates that appear for an interview. Many people are shortlisted and withdrawing from the interview; that is amusing.

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