Learn the best way to answer job appraisal question by reading our performance appraisal interview question and answers.

Top 9 performance appraisal interview questions and answers

A performance evaluation is the most important tool of management. An assessment will increase the effectiveness and engagement of the employee by helping them understand their roles better. A performance appraisal interview questions aids, both the manager and the worker to look on their way forward. It identifies the potential areas that need the needs attention and training may be provided.

Answering the performance appraisal interview questions can be difficult, and one needs to be well prepared. During a performance evaluation interview questions and answers, a selected criterion is used to determine the ability of the employee to meet the goals set. Here is some few example of performance appraisal interview questions and answers you should expect.

Behavioral Questions

  • What is the most challenging assignment have you ever had? How did you deal with it?

Every task that you handled can be challenging if you don’t have the skills required for the job. Open a situation that you encountered, and you had to use the job skills and knowledge to solve it.

  • Tell us about a judgment you made that resulted in conflicting with your boss?

Questions about conflict can be meant to determine whether you are honest. Be careful, open an exact situation and give a correct answer. In the answer, make it seems like a disagreement rather than a conflict.

  • Tell us about a situation where you had to pull a team to meet goals?

The manager wants to measure the level of engagement between you and the colleagues. Bring in a goal that you accomplished with a team and how it contributed to overall job success.

Achievements questions

  • What are your goals and how do you set them?

The manager wants to know what analytical and the evaluation skills of the candidate. You should explain some of the goals you have set and accomplished.

  • Where do you see yourself five years from now?

The manager wants to see how the employee is dedicated to achieving and the willingness to expand his success with new goals.

  • How do you feel when added more tasks?

The manager wants to understand whether you can handle additional tasks. You should explain how you handle tasks assigned outside your work area.

Environmental questions

  • Do you prefer to work alone or as a team?

When answering this question, the employee should focus on involving other people in his/her past achievements.

  • How do you deal with work changes?

The answer should be positive and show effectiveness in adapting work changes

  • What is your weakness?

Bring in a positive trait that affects small work related issues.

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