Check out a list of communication skills needed to ensure effective communication in the organization.

Top 4 essential communication skills list

As they say, the key to a better living will be determined by how well you communicate with others. Whether you are leadership or not the power to communicate is very vital. Being in the position to communicate and to do it effectively is one of the most important of all life skills you will ever be taught or learn by yourself. Communication in the simplest of terms refers to the act of conveying a message from one person who is the sender to the other person who is the receiver through a specified media either verbally, visually or in written form. For a start the essential communication skills list you ought to practice include clarity and conciseness, listen attentively, giving feedback and empathy.

Clarity and Conciseness

This is one of the essential skills you need to practice. Ensure that while communicating you thoroughly check your tone, pace and volume. This will greatly determine whether your audience will be interested in what you are saying or not.

Listen attentively

Communicating is always a back and forth affair. When one person is speaking the other one listens and vice versa. Therefore, it is imperative that while the other party is talking you listen attentively. This will allow you the opportunity to ask questions where things are not clear, and this will further make the conversation interesting. With good listening, you build rapport and also allows for better expression of one’s views.

Giving feedback

This is one of the vital skills in the whole communication spectrum but is usually looked down upon. Giving feedback is a sign that means the message that was being conveyed was understood by the audience. Feedback should be constructive, be given immediately and should be honest and direct. Providing feedback should not be an opportunity to criticize or bring down the other party.


In communication, practice empathy. It means being in the position of understanding and being open to other people’s views and ideas. You need to be aware of the feelings and values of the other person and being able to respect them. We all have different opinions, and we deserve to be listened to at some point. This is the whole essence of communication.

Developing your communication skills will greatly help you in all spheres of your life either on a professional level or not. Developing this important skill is just a matter of practice.

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