Competitiveness: Use these examples for setting employee performance goals. Help your employees master this skill with 5 fresh ideas that drive change.

Competitiveness is the skill of being able to compete as a team or a company with other enterprises in the same line of entrepreneurship and emerging as the winner.

Competitiveness: Set Goals for your Employees. Here are some examples:

  • Take time each day to learn something new; listen to recordings on personal and professional growth topics
  • Keep looking for new ways to do things rather than saying something can't or won't be done
  • Develop oneself as a resource for others by networking to find excellent contacts for future needs
  • Stop being afraid of trying and making mistakes but instead learn from the mistakes and change
  • Learn to take on additional responsibilities even those that are not in one's job description
  • Show willingness to help colleagues who want to improve their professional and personal skills
  • Embrace teamwork as a way of sharing ideas and learning from others
  • Work effectively with clients and show empathy towards their issues
  • Show willingness to take on a new task and successfully find more effective ways to perform the task
  • Volunteer in community activities in order to get a chance to interact with other people and learn something new

Competitiveness: Improve and master this core skill with these ideas

  • Discover the actual motivation behind the aggressive behavior - Competition in the office is usually for the wrong reasons with many people thinking it's okay to be overly competitive and step out of the boundaries. When competition goes overboard, it harms or hurts others thus creating a rift that is not right for people who work together.
  • Be delicate to the feelings of others - It is imperative to watch your steps as you climb the corporate ladder to ensure you do not trample on any dignity, right or virtue of another. Remaining sensitive to other's needs builds respect and accountability. Remember the higher you grow in the corporate ladder, the more personal responsibility you assume and the greater your willingness to listen and involve other people's ideas towards the growth of the business. Also be willing to take the blame if things do not work out as expected. Treat your juniors with utmost respect so they can learn from example how they should treat each other as well.
  • Do not slander or discredit another person to further your selfish gains - There is a great temptation in the workplace to make others look inefficient or incapable by discrediting them. Most employees are caught up in this ugly game that initiates contempt and fosters poor attitude against each other. Such kind of behavior will not get you anywhere, for a short term maybe but in the long run, it will leave you open to attack, lack trust, and support when you need it in future. It is vital that you always play fair when dealing with everyone no matter how much you want to get ahead of the others.
  • Be proud of other's accomplishments without feeling threatened - A better employee who performs better than you can be a threat only if you allow such kind of feelings to overtake you. We are all gifted with different abilities, skills and talent levels for a good reason. Instead of fighting each other's abilities we ought to click together to achieve that greatness. Instead of seeking to discredit others due to their efforts, change tactics and credit them for their accomplishments. You will be shocked at what this shift in perspective does to you and others. By empowering others to shine, you too will shine with them and be a great asset for support in the company.
  • Use your confidence and hard work to achieve your goals - You have such inner ability to carry out tasks that only you can. If you approach your workplace every day with this mentality, trusting in yourself and confidence in your abilities, then you will do the very best. At other times you might fail, but that doesn't mean you don't have the ability it just means you need to work better than you previously did. Don't fear failure; it can be the one thing that directs you to what you are good at.

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