Appearance and Grooming: Use these sample phrases to craft meaningful performance evaluations, drive change and motivate your workforce.

Appearance and Grooming are the way one presents themselves in a professional environment or the workplace with the aim of gaining positive impression and respect as well.

Appearance and Grooming: Exceeds Expectations Phrases

  • Always maintains a professional appearance in dress and manner of doing things
  • Always carries a smile and friendly greeting to share with others in the entire office
  • Readily adheres to the company's dress and grooming policy and regulations
  • Represents the company well at all the off-site meetings attended
  • Motivates team members and always leads the others by example
  • Adheres to the traditional culture of honor and respect for one another
  • ?Walks the Talk? actions are always consistent with the words
  • Dresses in a dignified manner that causes others to respect boundaries
  • Engages in mature talk that welcomes feedback from peers and staff
  • Respects the position offered always covering the part to be a great example

Appearance and Grooming: Meets Expectations Phrases

  • Maintains a high level of cleanliness and arrangement starting from the work desk
  • Ensures both genders respect each other and maintains clear boundaries
  • Presents a warm, unique look that attracts customers, coworkers, and staff
  • Ensures good example is set before other employees especially the newbies
  • Dresses the part to create both personal and corporate confidence
  • Wears a bright smile every day that lights up the entire company
  • Keeps the company culture alive by respecting the dress code
  • Does not use grooming that conflicts with the company policy
  • Work hard to ensure good looks, and hard work go together
  • Determined to keep the workplace a happy and respectable dwelling

Appearance and Grooming: Needs Improvement Phrases

  • Does not project an image of professionalism through the dressing
  • Highly inconsistent in enforcing and following the company policies and procedures
  • Often disrespectful and unfair in dealing with subordinates about their grooming
  • Fails to display an acceptable standard of good professional grooming
  • Often shows up at work with uncombed hair and in wrinkled clothes
  • Does not take any steps to work on the overall impression made
  • Tends to use overly familiar terms like kiddo or buddy
  • Gossips about the coworkers and picks battles easily bringing conflict in the workplace
  • Fails to meet the company's policy on the personal hygiene standards
  • Inconsistent in following and keeping major ethical business practices that matter to the company

Appearance and Grooming: Self Evaluation Questions

  • What are your personal motives behind your dressing and grooming?
  • Do you follow the company policies and regulations in regards to how you should dress?
  • Are you introducing a good or bad example to other employees who are watching you?
  • Do you respect the professional boundaries that the company has set in regards to dressing?
  • Are you satisfied with what you wear and do you show too much flesh?
  • Have you taken into consideration the feedback you have received from your peers and staff?
  • Are you able to tell others to present themselves professionally without feeling guilty of doing the opposite?
  • What is your level of hygiene that you present to others?
  • Do your dressing and attitude create a professional atmosphere that attracts people?
  • Are customers more attracted to your confidence, skills, and good grooming?

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