Colleagues spend a lot of time together at work, and so they may be requested to give appraisal feedback on their co-workers. The aim is to give the manager a different view of an employee from people with whom they work in close cooperation. Usually, the purpose of an appraisal is to note the strong areas of an employee and to address the weak ones. The colleague giving the feedback should know how to use the appraisal to support the good areas and be diplomatic when identifying weak areas.

Appraisals feedback can take various structures, such as a questionnaire, open-ended questions, rating questions or statements that one agrees or disagrees. In some cases, colleague's appraisals are required in 360 reviews that are used towards career development in identifying areas that need additional training or mastering of skills. However, the evaluation should address all the skills required in job performance. These include skills in performance, leadership, communication, organization, interpersonal, teamwork, creativity and professionalism.

Contents of a colleague appraisal feedback form

  • Title: This is the title showing it is an evaluation form of a co-worker.
  • A brief explanation: The description should state the purpose of the appraisal
  • Employee: The name of the employee whose feedback is being provided should be written here.
  • The supervisor: The name of the supervisor requesting the evaluation
  • Employee giving the feedback. : The name of the employee providing feedback. This may be omitted in case the appraisal is to be done anonymously.
  • Questions: This part contains questions that the colleague should answer in the appraisal. These should be from the different skills required of an employee such as in leadership, professionalism, communication and teamwork.

Sample colleague appraisal form

Colleague appraisal helps the manager to obtain feedback on the performance of an employee from the co-workers. The feedback is useful in assisting the employee to improve their skills on their weak areas. The colleague should fill this form honestly and to the best of their knowledge.

Employee Name


Employee giving feedback


    1. How does this employee's duties relate to your department?
    2. How does this employee work with you and others in the department?
    3. How does the employee interact with others?
    4. How is the approachability of the employee?

360 degree co-worker appraisal

    1. How often does your colleague come to work early? Everyday Now and then Occasionally Never
    2. How well does your colleague work with others Very well Fairly well A little well Not well
    3. How does your colleague communicate with others? Very well Fairly well A little well Not well
    4. How is your colleague professionalism Very professional Fairly professional A little professional Not professional.

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