Spice up your company awards with these top ideas of employee recognition award titles

Employee recognition award titles. Top 30 ideas

Are you looking for creative names to brand your employees’ awards? Choosing the right employee recognition award titles is important. Fortunately, there are hundreds of award titles you can use. Here is a list of ideas you can leverage on:

Top performer

  1. Capital Achievement- This can be used to identify great achievements
  2. Leadership award- it can be accorded to those employees who have shown exemplary leadership skills.
  3. Spotlight award- It can be a way of recognizing the efforts of a subordinate staff member.
  4. Hero Award- This will be appropriate when you want to exonerate an employee.
  5. Five-Star honors

Beyond-expectations service

  1. Exceeding expectations-
  2. Ace of initiative- For employees who always take the first initiative to handle certain tasks, which others would not volunteer to do.
  3. Hyper Helper- For that employee whose all their colleagues find dependable.
  4. Cloud 9 collaborators- For the employee who has excellent team building skills.
  5. Bringing it beyond- A great award title for employees who go beyond their call of duty.

Exemplary customer service

  1. Calmer of storms- Best suited for employees who can handle customers’ objections intelligently.
  2. Customer Whisperer- For an employee who knows the right words to calm customers.
  3. Customer hero award- for that employee who has received most positive feedback from customers.
  4. Chief Happiness Director- This is for any employee who customers scramble for their services.
  5. Diamond service award- The employees who provide exceptional services to customers.

Onboarding awards

  1. Good addition- A great title for recognizing the current talent in your organization.
  2. Rockstar rookie- This can be used to mean that the new employee is doing better than a beginner.
  3. New contributor
  4. Future is bright- An excellent title that can motivate the new employee.
  5. Draft pick- This recognizes that even if the employee is new, they are already an asset to the company.

Retirement awards

  1. Farewell friend- This indicates that the employee was not just a worker but a friend to the organization.
  2. Start of a new journey- This wishes retiring employees to take on the next stage of their life positively.
  3. Missing the master- A good award title for telling the retiring officer that their service and contribution, will be missed a lot.
  4. Leaving a legacy- This title recognizes that the employee has left a legacy.
  5. Good luck and goodbye- This wishes the retiring employee well.

Volunteer awards

  1. Round of applause
  2. Positive participator
  3. All for one, one for all- It is a great award title for that employee who is always ready to volunteer for the good of all.
  4. Constant contributor
  5. Getting busy with it

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