Get to know about 360 performance feedback examples for different skills, that you can use in evaluating employees.

360 performance feedback examples

If you are planning to implement the 360 employee review in your company, you need to know how to provide helpful feedback. The comments you give should relate to the category you are evaluating. Below are 360 performance feedback examples for various performance categories:

Communication skills

  1. Jane shows excellent oral and written skills.
  2. Julius tends to keep to himself. He needs to work on their communication skills.
  3. Jake tends to talk much without allowing his team members to contribute as well.
  4. Mary can sell to any client. She has exemplary negotiation skills.
  5. Henry forms relations effortlessly.

Team skills

  1. As a team, we find James to be reliable and dependable. He is an asset to the group.
  2. Grace is not able to create a team-building environment.
  3. Nick is an active team member who works extra hard for the good of the crew.
  4. Willy attempts to assist his colleagues anytime they seek for his help.
  5. Jane tends to look down upon the ideas and contributions of others.

Creativity skills

  1. Jena has an innate ability to resolve conflicts among her colleagues.
  2. Daniel has the capability of identifying problems before they worsen and he often offers helpful solutions.
  3. Helen can move around obstacles that seem challenging to other employees.
  4. Jane’s innovative ideas have helped in improving the sales department and the entire organization.
  5. Jose has excellent brainstorming skills, which have made him an outstanding team leader.

Interpersonal skills

  1. Anne is often overwhelmed by stressful working environments.
  2. Linnet makes all her colleagues to feel comfortable around her. Most feel free to approach her with any issue.
  3. Linus’s positive attitude influences that of his colleagues significantly.
  4. Jared does not know how to work in a group. He regularly gets in conflicts with his group members.
  5. Nelly needs to work on her confidence. She is hesitant to contribute her thoughts and ideas in large groups.

Leadership skills

  1. Marion demonstrates a high level of decision-making skills. She remains firm on her stand and always makes the right decisions.
  2. Jake can communicate change to his junior employees without arousing negative reactions.
  3. Kris helps the employees when they need assistance.
  4. Catherine is often overwhelmed by her duties. She needs to delegate some of the duties.
  5. Most employees find Charles as an approachable boss. This has really improved their productivity.

Organization skills

  1. Philip has an amazing attention to detail. He produces excellent reports and has been published on the company’s website.
  2. Mary has outstanding time management skills. She completes tasks effectively and within the set time.
  3. June is not able to complete projects in time. Nonetheless, she does perfect work.
  4. Carol is great with logistics. She can work around anything to produce an excellent plan.
  5. Heron is an exemplary finance management. He is an exceptional resource manager.

Organizational alignment

  1. Miriam has a great understanding of her job.
  2. Grace needs to use her knowledge and experience in achieving the company’s goals.
  3. Mary strictly adheres to the values and policies of the organization.
  4. Bernard maintains the objectives of every project within the goals of the organization.
  5. Jane demonstrates a clear understanding of the relationship between her job and the company’s strategic goals.

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