For an employer, reviewing your employees’ performance at work is important. While it may seem to benefit the employees, it also contributes to the success of the organization. The employee understands the areas he or she performs well and those that need improvement, which in turn helps in improving performance and consequently the success of the company.

Therefore, selecting the right phrases to applaud your staff is imperative and it can mean the difference between a successful appraisal and a failed one. Below are some examples of positive employee performance review example phrases you can apply:

Communication skills

  1. The employee communicates expectations effectively
  2. Excellent in facilitating group discussions
  3. Maintains meetings focused on the objectives
  4. Uses the three communications approach appropriately
  5. Enforces company’s goals and policies without arousing negative reactions


  1. Accomplishes high levels of performance
  2. Succeeds in initiating programs, which have provided exemplary results
  3. Depicts strong evidence of achievement
  4. Has improved production by 10%
  5. Exceeds the call of duty


  1. Draws a clear interest in other employees and in solving their problems
  2. Gives support to colleagues
  3. Utilizes appropriate coaching methods to resolve disciplinary challenges
  4. Highly respected by colleagues for addressing problems and sharing opportunities
  5. Offers continued coaching to employees


  1. Regularly assesses administrative effectiveness and develops solutions
  2. Initiates successful strategies for administration that leads to evident results
  3. Develops functional systems for retrieving information
  4. Sound organization of documents to avoid duplication
  5. Enhances administrative support systems through appropriate approaches


  1. Develops alternative creative approaches that breed results
  2. Creative and imaginative when confronted by challenges
  3. Initiates and implements unique ideas that lead to great outcomes
  4. Persistently experiments new ideas to drive results
  5. Looks for new ideas and technique


  1. Motivates collaboration with the team
  2. Shares new ideas and approaches with other employees
  3. Depicts a cooperative attitude
  4. Nurtures strong and lasting relationships with others
  5. Always ready to share expertise


  1. Establishes innovative strategies
  2. Very innovative especially during challenging situations
  3. Always curious about new innovative possibilities
  4. Finds innovative solutions
  5. Encourages innovation

Interpersonal skills

  1. Identifies the needs of their colleagues and reaches out to them to help
  2. Initiates synergy
  3. Develops functional working relationships
  4. Promotes the organization culture among colleagues
  5. Builds on mutual understanding and dependence

Management capability

  1. Offers support to team
  2. Cooperates with individual members of the team to develop a development dimension
  3. Offers team the results needed to achieve the desired outcomes
  4. Makes the employees understand that they are accountable for their results
  5. Gives support during organizational change

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