Some situations often require you as the manager to monitor the activities happening in the laptops of the employees secretly especially if you are looking for evidence of sick employee behavior. Remote working has become an attractive business as a way of keeping the employee engaged, motivated and increasing productivity within a firm. Employee monitoring software for Mac assists you secretly to determine whether the employees are doing their job and the time they spend on the task assigned to them. Employee monitoring software for Mac will assist you to lively view the employee activities such as sites visited, keystroke, and cursor events.


The Mac OS software tracker is recommended by Apple and has a feature that allows record real-time activities in your employee computer. Gives email notification of activities of the employee.


This software is compatible with Mac and includes blocking feature for sites and monitoring activities. With Veriato, you will view live the actions of the employee during the working hours. It has user-friendly interface and an efficient customer support services. It provides email alerts and provides a record of all staff' activity.

www.pearlsoftware.comPearl Echo.suite

The pearl software allows real time monitoring activities. It provides email notifications and files of email received or sent that are not related to work. The software uses keystroke to identify the chat content shared through the IM chat. It's a perfect way to check whether the company details shared without the organization knowledge.


Easemon is an employee monitoring software applicable for Mac and tracks the activities of the employees from a centralized location. With the software, you can monitor keystroke, chats, emails, web accessed and application the employees use during the working hours.

www.softactivity.comActivity Monitor

Activity monitor is an employee monitoring software for Mac that allows you the employer to view real-time events happening in the employee laptop. You can keep a record of employee keystrokes, emails and chats and much more.

www.Spytech-Web.comReal-time spy

Real-time spy employee monitoring software is compatible with Mac OS X. you can track multiple remote laptops from a centralized location. Provide 24/7 following activities and has screenshot capabilities.


The software is compatible with Mac OS 10.6 and gives you real-time events on the employee PC. The data backups are cloud-based


The software provides time tracking activities, collect relevant data of visited sites and provide screenshot all employee activities.


Osmonitor offers two version: basic and full version. The basic version has few features but with full version you get to access a PC remotely and more features.


With this employee desktop monitoring software, you can monitor all the activities of the desktop remotely. It's compatible with your Mac OS suitable for business applications.

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