There are different ways of implementing employee engagement. From recognizing your employees to harnessing good communication between them and their seniors, all these are techniques of improving engagement levels. Holding an engagement workshop is an excellent idea that will bring your employees together especially when you need to encourage them to embrace organization and other issues. Below is a list of employee engagement workshop ideas:

Notify the audience

  1. Conduct initial research- this will help the facilitator to understand their audience and know what to include in the training
  2. Carry out a pre-event survey- This should be filled in by the employees
  3. Brief attendees on the purpose of the workshop- This will keep them listening to the facilitator
  4. Engage them in contributing ideas for workshop- It helps to make the attendees feel like part of the workshop
  5. Explain how the workshop relates to their roles- Help the employees to understand why the workshop is important for their work

Use different room layouts

  1. Use beanbags for chairs- People are used to the formal workshop seating arrangement. Changing it can improve learning
  2. Small round tables- instead of using rectangular tables you can encourage your employees to work in small groups by offering round tables
  3. Choose a spacious room- An open room with outstanding décor can make your employees feel appreciated, and it can improve their mood.
  4. Use projectors and wall screens- Where you are dealing with a large team, it does not help much to have only a single projector at the front. Installing a couple of wall screens will certainly keep the entire group engaged in the workshop
  5. Create functional sitting arrangements- Arrange the employees in a way they can interact with others from different departments in your organization. This will also facilitate sound brainstorming.

Utilize different learning methods

  1. Use visual objects- Videos, pictures and diagrams can be used to relay information
  2. Written word- Use charts, handouts or periodicals in explaining various issues
  3. Music- A period of music during the breaks can enable the children to relax
  4. Physical activities- Exercise activities that include the participants will improve employee engagement while enhancing relationships among them
  5. Group work- Use interactive work to help everybody in the workshop to understand key points

Play games

  1. Memory games- The games enable the group to remember all the things that were learned.
  2. Puzzles- These are excellent ways of enhancing employee engagement, but they also harness creative thinking
  3. Riddles- A short story that has a twist can help employees to improve engagement
  4. Quizzes- Introduce short quizzes at the end of each session to enable the group to recap on various issues that were discussed or learned during the period
  5. Crosswords- These too help employees to engage in teamwork while improving individual problem-solving skills

Recognition and rewards

  1. Personalized certificates- These can be given to participants who excel in group competitions
  2. Participation certificates- These can be used to appreciate the employees for taking part in the employee engagement workshop
  3. Small prizes- Use small prizes to reward employees who participate actively in the workshop
  4. Offer free lunch for the workshop- Where the workshop takes a whole day, providing free lunch to employees is a step ahead in recognizing them.
  5. Gifts and treats for excellent teams- During the workshop, you can encourage the group to work in teams on various tasks, whereby in the end they expect a reward in the end

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