The employee of the month award is used to reward a member of staff who has exhibited exemplary performance in a particular month. It helps in encouraging productivity, engagement and to improve the morale of employees. To qualify for the award, the employee needs to meet particular criteria in areas such as quality of work, performance, attitude and attendance. The employee receives special attention during the month which may be accompanied with gifts at the award ceremony. While organizations may have different criteria and selection process, those explained below can serve as an example.

Criteria used in selecting employee of the month

Duration of employment

  • Must not be on probation.
  • Must have worked in the company for at least two years.

Quality of work

  • Must deliver high-quality work.
  • Shows dedication in the fulfillment of duties.
  • Should have excellent customer service skills.
  • Portray leadership qualities.
  • Willing to do more than the job requires.

Interpersonal skills

  • Must be a team player.
  • His or her performance is a role model to other employees.
  • Assists other employees to enable completion of projects.
  • Has good listening skills.


  • Must portray a positive attitude.
  • Has a positive attitude towards co-workers and superiors.
  • Available to others and friendly.
  • Willing to take new tasks and learn.


  • Knows the company policies and procedures.
  • Is professional and with a neat appearance.
  • Must be dependable.
  • Reports to work on time and keeps to the schedule.
  • Takes part in extra activities such as in fairs, training and committees.
  • Completes tasks on time
  • Is innovative and takes an initiative.
  • Works without supervision.
  • Can train others willingly.

Employee of the month selection process

Submission of nominations

Employees submit nominations for their preferred candidate for the award. Some companies allow self-nomination.

To make the process easier, the company can have forms available from their HR offices or on the intranet.

Duration should be given when the completed forms are submitted for nominations of a particular month. For instance, the deadline can be on 25th.

Analyze the nominations

The selection committee meets to review the submitted nominations and choose the winner based on the selection criteria.

The nominee who scores the highest is considered for the award.

The award

Various companies have different ways of recognizing the employee of the month. A common one is where the employee is awarded during a presentation ceremony. Other companies simply recognize the employee on the intranet and newsletter.

The employee may receive an award certificate, a gift card, a reserved parking space, a recognition pin and a coffee mug during the award depending on the company policies.

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