Know the criteria for selecting the best employee of the year award winner for an organization.

Employee of the year: Criteria for selecting the best

It seems challenging to select the best employee for the employee of the year award, especially when you have an enormous workforce. How do you choose the best without appearing to be biased? In order, to do it right, you will require the employee of the year criteria. It should be comprehensive, to ensure that it touches on every aspect of employee’s performance. Here are recommendable criteria:


  1. Has shown great improvement in delivering services throughout the year.
  2. Has been reported to have high a percentage of sales.
  3. The level of productivity per day.
  4. The number of clients they have brought on board over the year.
  5. Any additional effort that is made by the employee.


  1. The employee is always punctual and attends all the stipulated meetings.
  2. Team members find them dependable for completing allocated tasks in time and effectively.
  3. Completion of tasks within set guidelines and meeting the required standards.
  4. Availability of the employee for the team and individual assignments.
  5. Being available to take extra responsibilities.


  1. Always takes the initiative to take up new tasks.
  2. Great in initiating programs that result in great results.
  3. Whether the employee volunteers to handle complicated tasks.
  4. Their ability to implement new ways of carrying out tasks.
  5. Employee’s drive to participate in various programs and projects.

Job knowledge

  1. Having knowledge and experience in their work.
  2. Understanding of their job responsibilities.
  3. Knowledge of the alignment between their job and organization goals.
  4. Other skills that employee might have and they utilize them in their job.
  5. The level of professionalism that the employee depicts.


  1. A positive role model to other employees.
  2. Expresses great work ethic.
  3. An excellent character that influences team members.
  4. Depicts a high level of integrity.
  5. Exemplary work habits.


  1. How the employee helps other workers.
  2. How they cooperate with other employees to achieve common goals.
  3. Eagerness to participate in team projects.
  4. Focus on the needs of others before oneself.
  5. Ability to develop a team-motivating environment.

Good communication

  1. How they communicate with their colleagues.
  2. Their way of communicating unprecedented changes.
  3. Interaction with peers and superiors.
  4. An evaluation of both verbal and written communication skills.
  5. Initiative to seek assistance from others and feedback from supervisors.


  1. Presents new ideas and beneficial suggestions.
  2. Ideas and contributions by the employee that have helped in improving the organization.
  3. Product designs that have improved the company’s product line.
  4. Ideas for enhancing the company’s processes.
  5. Injection of new ideas to improve sales and marketing.

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