If you have quite a number of employees, managing them can be a nightmare. But not to worry, with employee timesheet calculator, you can keep track of the hours your employees work. It makes it easier to calculate the total hours worked. That way, it saves your resources.

An employee timesheet calculator is any business manager?s best tool. It allows them to calculate the hours their employees work more efficiently and accurately. The basic timesheet calculator can make subtraction between time in and time out, to deduce the time worked. Usually, the time is recorded in hours and minutes. The calculator adds the for the day or week as directed.

The calculator also enables you to calculate hours worked overtime, and it can subtract extra hours from the regular hours of work. This tool helps you to take account of your employee?s work while ensuring that they are paid for their overtime work.

Types of employee timesheet calculator

Employee timesheet calculators range from basic to complicated ones. Nonetheless, most calculators with have common features. These include the hourly pay rate, which is the rate employees are paid, overtime rate and all the seven days of the week. It also features columns for recording time in and time out and a column for total hours worked for each day. The time can be entered in 24-hour format or military time. The rows have totals of the hours worked, the total regular and overtime pay as well as the total wages for the week.

The timesheets have formulas that ease the calculation. The total pay is calculated based on the rate per hour for the regular and overtime hours worked.

There are variations to the basic timesheet calculator to meet different needs. You will find some employee timesheet calculators with two breaks, bi-weekly timesheets, those with breaks in minutes and monthly and half-month timesheets.

Why a timesheet calculator is critical for your business

The top benefit for a business to use a timesheet calculator is to make the task of recording hours worked and calculating the pay much easier and to spend less time on it. The process is also not prone to errors, unlike the manual recording. This helps to save money and time while employees are paid for what they have worked.

An organization has the benefit of choosing from the many readily available online calculators whether it needs basic or the more advanced features.


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