Use this employee survey results action plan to plan on action to take on the given survey results.

sample employee survey results action plan

Employee surveys are part of continuous workplace evaluations. However, their essence can only be realized when the results are put into action. It is important to inform the participants (employees) on the results. Otherwise, they will not be motivated to participate in the employee surveys the next time. You should prepare an employee survey results action plan, explaining what you intend to do with the findings.

Template of an employee survey results action plan

Below is a template for survey results action plan

Employee survey results action plan

Unit Name: […]

Manager: […]


Date of the Survey:


Action Plan

Actions to be taken […]

Responsible Individuals […]

Timeframe […]

Expected Outcomes […]

Methods for Evaluation […]


Review Date […]

Progress Made […]

Contents of the survey results action plan

Details of the department

In the upper section of the action plan, ensure to include the details of the unit, manager, the survey name, the rationale, and the objectives. This section is crucial since it tells the employees about the specific survey. Remember a company can carry out different types of surveys including engagement survey, employee satisfaction surveys, and others.

Actual plan

This entails the entire planning from the actions to the methods of evaluation. You should tell the audience what you intend to do about the previously completed survey. Be sure to include all the actions to be taken. When choosing the results to act on, you may have to work in a team. This will allow you to brainstorm and prioritize certain actions.  Next, you need to outline all the people who will be responsible for the actions listed.  The issues raised during the survey can affect a range of departments. It is the team’s duty to decide on who should be responsible for which actions. In addition, you should include a realistic timeframe within which the activities will be completed. List the standards for all the actions as well as the methods for evaluating success.


This section comprises of the review date and an area for entering statements whether the objectives set in the plan were met and within the set timeline.  Once the plan is on, it is essential to review it regularly, to ascertain that it is meeting the objectives that were earlier set.  The date of review can vary based on the organization. However, commonly dates of review range from 60 days, 90 days, and 120 days.

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