Implement a justificatio letter before hiring.

Implement a justification letter before hiring.

A new hire justification letter is one that includes the reason for wanting a new staff, the type or nature of the team, a complete summary of the expected duties of the staff and the details of the term of the new hire whether full time or part time. The new hire justification letter also includes the date he/she is expected to be onboard and of course the need for recruitment. This explanation letter also allows the company to understand what work opportunities are being lost due to the lack of that particular employee. Being at this level, it is important to specify tasks and duties of the new hire stating clearly the value he/she adds to the company and the reasons why the existing staff cannot handle it.  It is easy for the employer to understand what the company is getting itself into by hiring another person way before they do the actual hiring.

An example of a Justification Letter

Ellen Trump,
Gold Merchants,
8494 Illinois Rd.
Williamsport, PA 17701

March 24, 2015

Samuel Bran,
Gold Merchants,
8494 Illinois Rd.
Williamsport, PA 17701

REF: Justification of a new hire in the sales department

Dear Ms. Trump,

I hereby bring to your attention our need to add one more staff with advertising skills and competence in the marketing department to handle advertising as a key component of the sales department.

The new hire will prepare and design advertising posts both text, videos and pictorial for the TV, the radio, and the leaflets. He/she shall also be in charge of the calendar of advertising working with the advertising team to oversee those duties are well spread throughout the calendar year.

The advertisement team that is in place right now consists of only three workers who have so much to do, and no one oversees them. They have managed to bring in so many clients who need their businesses advertised, but without a particular employee sitting and designing a good advertisement, we risk losing them.

Today the company is making about $60,000 on advertisement alone even with the three members hard pressed in every direction of getting the clients and designing the posts themselves. The company can make a clean $140,000 every month if the hew hire is brought on board to concentrate more on the higher number of advertising requests we are receiving daily.

Kindly consider our request and get back to us as soon.


Mr. Samuel Bran,
Head of Marketing Department,
Gold Merchants,

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