Find out how you can write an employee termination letter without cause and its sample.

Sample employee termination letter without cause

An employer has the right to terminate an employee without cause. While termination laws may vary between states and countries, in some cases terminating an employee without cause requires an employer to provide the employee with reasonable notice or payment in lieu of notice in addition to the letter of termination. Since the employee had not committed any wrong, the termination letter should inform the employee of the company’s decision to terminate his or her services without casting any blame.

If necessary, the letter should contain the termination date and information relating to the receipt of the last paycheck as well as benefits.

How to write an employee termination letter without cause

Write the letter using the business format by starting the letter with the name and address of the company, date and then the name and address of the employee. Address the employee, write the body, include a closing statement and then a complimentary close and signature.

In the letter, inform the employee that you are terminating their service on a particular date, indicating that it is without cause. Let the employee know what they will receive in their final paycheck, if there will be severance pay and payment in lieu of notice. Notify the employee if they will still be enjoying any benefits in the duration of notice or lieu of notice.

Thank the employee for their service and close by wishing them the best in future.

Sign the letter, send it to the employee and copy it to other relevant personnel such as the immediate manager or supervisor and the human resource department.

Sample employee termination letter without cause

Yolly Foods

55 Avenue Street

New York

23 October 2016


John Phillips

53 Avenue Street

New York

Dear John,

We have decided to terminate your employment as from 23 October 2016. This is in line with our termination policy which gives each party the right to terminate employment without cause. The policy requires the party terminating employment to give 4 weeks notice or payment in lieu of notice.

In this regard, you will receive 4 weeks payment in lieu of notice and an additional 5 weeks severance pay. You will be given the final paycheck on your last working day.

Your insurance coverage will remain in place for the four weeks after employment termination.

We appreciate the many years of great service you have provided this company.

We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.


Mark Welch


Yolly Foods

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