Employees should be recognized and appreciated at all times due to the effort they put in the organization. You can use promotional gifts both to thank your employees and at the same time to advertise the company. There are many items from which to select, and therefore you cannot run out of promotional gifts for your employees no matter your budget. Some of these include.

Apparel and fabric items

  1. Uniform. These are suitable for employees who need to wear a uniform during working hours such as waiters, cabin crew, and hospital attendants.
  2. Laptop bags. With the increased use of laptops, employees will appreciate a laptop bag. They can also be included as a present for an award such as best performance.
  3. Shirts, t-shirts, and jackets – these come in different sizes, colors and make, suitable for both female and male employees.
  4. Umbrellas. Employees will thank you for the thoughtful gift, especially during the rainy seasons.

Tech gadgets

  1. USB. The USB provides storage space for employees work and therefore would make a much- appreciated gift for employees.
  2. Power bank chargers. With the chargers, the employees’ devices will not run out of power especially when they are out there working.
  3. Tablet/ iPad case and laptop bags. These make it easy to carry tablets, iPads or laptops and make good gifts for awards.
  4. Selfie sticks. An employee with a Smartphone will appreciate this gift which makes it easy to take one’s photos with their phone.

Office supplies

  1. Mugs. Suitable as an award gift such as for the employee of the month, the mug can serve as a souvenir gift for a job well done.
  2. Pens. The frequent use of pens makes them ideal promotional gifts. The employees will appreciate the thought while it will keep your brand in sight.
  3. Conference bags and folders. Employees will find it easier to carry their work stuff with conference bags due to their ample space for documents and stationery.


  1. Business books. Choose business topics helpful to employees depending on their career and interests.
  2. Health books. These have health related topics such as healthy foods to eat, exercising and safety precautions.
  3. Cook books. These are books with various recipes and be matched with employees tastes in cooking.

Accessories for desktop

  1. Organizers. These are for placing different items such as pens, pair of scissors,
  2. Clocks. Ideal for awards in as much as they help the employee to note the time.
  3. Letter openers. Essential for easy opening of letters. Its frequent use helps to instill the brand in the mind of users.
  4. Business card holder. Provides employees with somewhere to organize their business cards and for easy reach.

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