Find out the content in the best employee evaluation form and its sample.

Best employee evaluation form

An employee evaluation form helps to capture the performance of an employee. The best form should measure the performance of an employee objectively without subjectivity and bias. This way, the form correctly presents the employee’s performance in a particular period.

The evaluation forms are in different designs. Some use a rating scale where the employee is rated on a scale while others are narrative based where the evaluator uses phrases to describe the employee’s performance. The employee is evaluated on various skills such as job knowledge, productivity, communication skills, punctuality and teamwork among others.

Contents of an employee evaluation form

The contents of an employee evaluation form vary according to the organization and their method of evaluating. However, there are common items that include:

Title. The form has a title such as ‘Employee evaluation form,’ ‘Employee performance review’ to differentiate it with other forms.

Employee details. Here there is the name, title, manager, department in which the employee works, evaluation period and date of evaluation.

Performance evaluation section. The employee’s performance is evaluated in this section. It can either have a rating scale or narrative space where the supervisor or manager fills. In the case of a rating scale, the supervisor picks the appropriate rating for the employee on each scale while for the narrative evaluation the supervisor uses phrases to describe the employee’s performance.

Employee goals. These comprise of goals the employees intend to achieve by the next evaluation which can be about professional development or performance goals.

Supervisor comments. The supervisor includes any additional comments about the evaluation in this section.

Employee comments. In the section, the employee includes his/her comments concerning the evaluation.

Signature. The employee and the supervisors sign the form while including their names and date signed. The employee’s signature implies that he/she has discussed the evaluation with the supervisor.

Sample employee evaluation form

Employee evaluation form

Employee details







Review period







The supervisor should complete this form using a narrative to review performance in the stated skills. It also has space for employee performance goals to be achieved by the next evaluation period.

Performance Ratings

Skills evaluated

Manager’s feedback

Job Knowledge


Communication skills








Quality of work






Other Skills



Employee goals

Supervisor’s comments

Employee comments

Signing this form confirms you have discussed with your supervisor about the review. It does not mean that you are in agreement with it.

Employee signature/Date

Manager signature/Date

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