Find out the content and format of an employee referrals bonus form.

Sample employee referrals bonus form

Many employers are adopting the use of employee referralss in hiring new employees due to its success. Research has it that the new hires are likely to stay longer with the company, they onboard faster and the referring employee also stays longer. What’s more, the process is cheaper and faster.

Employees who refer a candidate for hire are rewarded with a referrals bonus. This is a way to motivate them to participate in referring employees from their circles. For smooth running of the program, employees are required fill an employee referrals bonus form. The forms may vary in formats and content. Below is the content and sample employee referrals bonus form.

Contents of an employee referrals bonus form

Details of the employee referring. This is the name, job title and the department in which the employee is working. Some forms may require employee number and contact details.

Details of the referred employee. The form should have the name of the applicant, the position applied for and the relationship between the referrals and the referring employee.

Request for attachment of resume. This is a reminder that the form should be submitted together with referralss resume or application.

Conditions for the referrals program. These are the rules or policies guiding the referrals program. The employee is required to understand them to be aware of the conditions under which they are eligible for an employee referrals bonus.

Employee signature. The employee should sign the form and include the date signed.

Official use section. This section if for human resource or talent acquisition department in which the hire date and job title of the referrals are indicated. The pay period and the amount to be paid can be included.

Sample employee referrals bonus form

Employee name: […]

Job Title: […]

Department: […]

Name of referred applicant: […]

Position applied for: […]

Relationship to referring employee (friend/family): […]

Please attach the referralss application or resume.

I understand the policies in the employee referrals program.

I understand that:

  • It is not guaranteed that the referrals must be hired.
  • The candidate referred must be new to the company.
  • I will receive a referrals bonus after the employee I have referred is hired and stays with the company for six months.
  • The bonus will be paid in the following payroll period after eligibility.
  • I must be an employee of the company at the time of eligibility to receive the payment.

Employee Signature/Date

For official use only

Referred employee hire date: […]

Job Title: […]

Pay period: […]

HR Rep Signature/Date

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