Companies use different ways of recruiting new hires. One way of getting new recruits is by use of employee referral email letter. This is a letter like another just that it calls for employees to recommend certain candidates to the company, whom they feel they meet the requirements of the position. If you have no idea about writing this kind of email, an employee referral email template will come in handy. Below is how to make one and a sample:

How to make a referral email template

Step 1:

Create a subject line such as, [Company Name] is hiring!

Step 2:

Create the body of the email. It includes, introductory sentence, reason for sending the mail and where to find details about the job.

Introductory sentence- This should call the readers to attention and to the main purpose of the email. For instance, “We are excited to announce that we are hiring for the position of Sales Manager in our Sales Department.”

The reason for sending the email to the person- Explain why you have chosen to email them. “After contributing immensely to Project Solutions, we trust your intuition. Therefore, we invite you to refer any qualified candidate, who you might know matches the profile of the job post.”

The source of job information- You need to offer the persons, the information they need to find you a suitable candidate. Since posting all the information about the position on the email might discourage the leader from reading the email; provide a link to the job. For example, you could tell them “For detailed information regarding the position, log into the If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through hrassociate@”

Step 3:

Include a closing. Appreciate them in advance. While it is common sense that one should close an email with thanks, it is logical to forget. However, it is important to thank your readers in advance. A simple “Thank you!” will do just fine.


Subject: [Company Name] is Hiring!

Hi All,

We are happy to announce that we are seeking candidates to fill in the position of [Position Title] for our [Department or Team Name]. Since, you are familiar with our organization culture and a key contributor to the company; we trust your judgment and request you to refer any experienced and qualified colleagues, friends and family members, who would fit in our environment.

The application and any other details regarding this position can be found at [jobs link]. If you have any questions, or you would want clarification on an issue, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you!

[HR Associate Name]

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