Read the following questions and answers to learn how to standout in a coaching interview.

11 Obvious Coaching Interview Questions

Coaching people is a skill that many enjoy, but such jobs are usually very competitive. When you apply for a coaching job and pass a written test, you most likely will be called for a face to face interview with the hiring team. Most interviews are tough and require a lot of preparation, so as to learn as much about the company and any other tips that may aid you to get the job.

These coaching interview questions will guide you as you prepare for your interview so that you will face it with more confidence. You should modify the answers to suit your job. All the best in landing your coaching job.


Job qualification and technical skills

Why do you want to be a coach?

  • Show them that you have some passion for the undertaking on the job. A short story of where you got the inspiration will do. Also, helping the organization achieve its goals.

As a coach describe a situation that you handled successfully.

  • Give a short description of a setback you faced and show your problem-solving skills

What would you want to achieve as a coach in one year?

  • Make realistic goals. One year is a short time so avoid too high estimates. Goals should involve developing working relationships with your trainees.

What does your typical coaching day look like?

  • Describe how you handle work around your day. Ensure you include a lot of communication with the trainees.

General interview questions

Tell us about yourself

  • Give a short history of yourself and describe what your plans are for the next few years. Avoid too much detail and don’t be vague.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

  • Explain three of your best strengths, e.g. working under pressure, integrity, teamwork
  • Avoid exposing your poor qualities. Be realistic about any weaknesses you have but ensure you stay active.

Any questions?

  • Ask questions about your position and who you will be working with.

Personality Questions

What do you like doing in your free time?

  • List a few hobbies that make you a better employee e.g. keeping fit

What would you do if a trainee is not collaborative?

  • Show that you understand the proper channels to report such issues. Stay ethical.

What have you accomplished out of school and work that makes you proud?

  • Show that you are active outside of work. Include any volunteering activities.

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