Learn about the interview skills that hiring managers need to be trained on in order to make quality hires.

4 essential interview skills training for hiring managers

You have probably gone for an interview and you had to face a panel of both men and women who had asked you countless of questions just for you to secure your dream job. Well, you will notice some of the panelist will behave differently. Some will either ask lots of questions, others will seem harsh, while others will some having laid back trait.  Hiring the best talent for any company will definitely require a skilled panel of interviewers. The hiring managers should possess certain skills that will enable them hire the right people that they will deem to fit the company profile. So what are these skills? They include active listening, good communication skill, decision making skill and interviewing skills.

Active listening

The whole interview process requires active listening from both parties the interviewer and the interviewee. You should actively listen to what the interviewee is saying. This will help you to ask the right questions and also be able to seek clarification where you did not understand. Through active listening you will be able to get more information about the interviewee.

Communication skill

The interview process is like a conversation. It is a whole communication process and it requires great skill. You should be audible and very clear when asking questions so that the interviewee cannot struggle to understand what you are putting across. Ensure you use the correct gestures and display proper facial expression at all times. This will minimize confusion during the interview process.

Decision making

After the interview process, the panel will have to make a decision to finally choose the best candidate. Here is where this crucial skill comes into play. You will be required to analyze all factors from all candidates and then make a final decision. Your decision should be impartial and not inclined to anything. As a hiring manager you should be able to stand by your decision and defend it when called upon.

Interviewing skill

Interviewing is also a skill in itself and for you to be a good talent or employee recruiter then you need to practice and practice. Just like acting or sports one needs to practice to get all the interviewing aspects right. This comes with experience since the more you interview people the more you get comfortable since you will be able to ask the right questions that are relevant and engaging.

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