Appraisal and Evaluation Skills: Use these sample phrases to craft meaningful performance evaluations, drive change and motivate your workforce.

Appraisal and Evaluation Skills are services that allow employers to assess their employees? contributions to the organization for the period they have been working with them.

Appraisal and Evaluation Skills: Exceeds Expectations Phrases

  • Always stays up to date with developments in the evaluation and appraisal field
  • Highly conscientious and detail oriented in evaluating others to ensure every detail is precise
  • Highly proactive and resourceful in creative ways that save difficult situations
  • Maintains a positive outlook even when performance is not very pleasing
  • Highly disciplined and punctual in all aspects displaying character that others should follow
  • Always an excellent team player who cooperates and listens to others
  • Shows lots of initiative and takes the lead on projects
  • Highly seasoned with professional skills with versatile expertise in various areas
  • Always strives to succeed with maximum effectiveness in every area
  • Never fails to capitalize on available opportunities that bring profitability

Appraisal and Evaluation Skills: Meets Expectations Phrases

  • Uses the evaluation feedback to motivate and encourage employees to better their skills
  • Takes performance appraisal and evaluation seriously and makes improvement on them
  • Gives beneficial feedback that allows employees to improve in areas that need
  • Takes the appropriate steps to follow the provided action plan
  • Pays careful attention to important details when assessing and appraising an employee or staff
  • Does not compromise on the quality of the company's policies when evaluating the performance of each individual
  • Respects the company code and delivers the feedback within the set deadlines
  • Takes actions that lead to marked improvements in the fulfillment of the employees
  • Assumes responsibility for the performance evaluation without being asked to
  • Highly receptive to coaching and managerial feedback on the overall assessment

Appraisal and Evaluation Skills: Needs Improvement Phrases

  • Occasionally fails to adhere to set guidelines while evaluating other
  • Highly indecisive and often produces mediocre results that are not competent
  • Has difficulties in mastering and adhering to new procedures of evaluation and appraising
  • Highly inconsistent in meeting deadlines for the scheduled assessment period
  • Does not focus on delegation of tasks ending up with a messy schedule
  • Demonstrates little or no willingness to learn new skills or impact others
  • Does not display an open mind when it comes to dealing with employees
  • Lacks clarity and promptness in communication that affects other areas as well
  • Does not give credible results on employee assessments already undertaken
  • Shows favoritism to some employees creating conflict in the workplace

Appraisal and Evaluation Skills: Self Evaluation Questions

  • Do you find fault with some of the employees you assess?
  • How do you balance quality and quantity in terms of the performance?
  • How do you balance quality and quantity in terms of the performance?
  • Do you encourage and motivate or do you discourage others?
  • Can you be relied upon to deliver accurate and timely data?
  • Do you concentrate so much on the negative and forget the positives?
  • Do you treat the employees the same even the weak ones?
  • Are you able to schedule your work to match the company's calendar?
  • Do you give the employees a chance to explain their performance or is your word final?
  • Do you work with the employees after the assessment to see better results?