Top 27 Employee engagement activities for Independence Day

Engagement is whereby employees are involved in the day to day activities of an organization. Employees are the heart of every business, and without them, an organization cannot achieve its goals and objectives. Keeping employees engaged motivates them hence yielding a high performance to the industry. Employees who are involved are proud of their work hence reducing the rate of turnover in the firm

Engaging employees during the independence day attracts new hires thus incorporating new skills within the organization. Employee Engagement activities for independence day makes them happy with their work and will work their best as they feel they belong to the company. Employee engagement activities for independence day is a new incentive for a workplace. It will serve as motivation encouraging employees to stay engaged and motivated to meet the family goals. Here are some engagement activities for Independence Day.


  • Invite a band at the event
  • Have lunch together
  • Let them choose patriotic songs of their choice at the event
  • Arrange them to perform a play regarding the Independence Day
  • Encourage patriotic gamification during the event and let them contest against each other


  • Reward the best employee for a job well accomplished.
  • Let it go public on who is the employee of the year.
  • Award them for completing tasks as groups or individually.
  • Award employees who provide motivation and inspiration to their colleagues
  • Give them gifts which are patriotic themed.


  • Host a patriotic flag written the company's mission and vision to enhance their understanding of the business.
  • Let them understand their goals and responsibilities.
  • During the event let them speak up their new ideas and assist with plan implementation.
  • Trust them and provide them with extra responsibilities.
  • During the event let them gather in groups and assist them with their career to enhance achievement of goals.
  • During the event bring in some motivation and inspiration.


  • Let them speak up and lay down their problems and challenges.
  • Encourage feedback to assist you to know how they feel about the job.
  • Incorporate a suggestion forum where everyone shares ideas and suggestions.
  • Hold brainstorming discussions where everyone incorporates his thoughts.
  • Show them concern and help them where necessary.


  • Allow the employee to organize the independence day event.
  • Encourage the employee to decorate the venue with a theme of patriotism.
  • The casual team wears for the occasion.
  • Pay transportation to National Day event commemoration.
  • Encourage charity and collaboration with each other
  • Support the society.

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