Employee engagement survey Action plan template

Employee engagement survey Action plan template

An engagement survey is an important part of an organization. It plays a role in improving the current position of any firm. After an employee engagement survey is conducted what matters is the action plan. After all, there is no point of carrying out a survey without implementing an action plan.

Avoid doubts among your employees. The employee is always curious to see the actions of a manager after the results. The employee engagement survey action plan will template turn the results obtained from the study to workable and manageable steps. This will show value to your staff and will show them that their feedback is appreciated. Employee engagement survey action plan templates are available for download and transformed to suits the company needs. You can create and modify it with all the tasks that want to be accomplished.

Items to include in your Employee engagement survey action plan template

Personal information

Work Unit: XX

Survey item: participation of the employee

The rationale: the employee feels that the company doesn't have the necessary engagement program.

Business Objective: The organization is aimed to increase the employee engagement and retention.

Manager’s Name: XXX


This is what will be done: The action steps. For example, we will investigate employee rewards and benefits programs. Also encourage ideas that make the employee fill engaged within the firm. We will also review the previous policies of the organization

The following are the people who are going to be responsible: Mention the person who will take action to make the step responsible. For example the Manager, the organization director,

The period in which the objective will be done: The deadline. This is when the stop should be completed. The implementation report will be given to the team within two months.

The success will be measured by the rate of turnover, and retention rate will determine whether the implementation has taken place.

First review

This is the progress that we have accomplished: the employee turnover rate has reduced.

Comments: employees appreciate the action implementation.

Second review

This is the progress that we have accomplished: Production and retention rate have significantly increased. Employees are coming to work early and appreciate the organization. Absenteeism has reduced.

Comments: The business objective has been met. The teams are proud to implement the strategies that have increased employee engagement.

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