Learn about the best employee of the month certificate format and a sample of the same.

An employee of the month certificate is awarded to the best-performing employee in a particular month. It is a way of recognizing an employee who has met and even exceeded a particular performance criterion in that month. In most cases, the employee is awarded a certificate in addition to other perks such as an exclusive parking spot, a thank you note and a gift.

An employee of the month certificate should have a format that is suitable for the company. The best format should portray the company culture as well as fit the employee being awarded. Many online templates that can be customized to fit the needs of the organization by choosing a design, background colors, medal and text are available. Alternatively, the company can decide to create an employee of the month certificate from scratch in which case it can be ensured that it has the desired design.

Contents of the employee of the month certificate

The contents of an employee of the month certificate should be commensurate with the award being given out.

Certificate title. The certificate bears the name ‘Employee of the Month’ at the top to show its purpose. The title should stand out. For instance, it can be larger than the other text, curved using graphics or Word Art or you can give it a different color.

Presentation line. A phrase such as ‘Awarded to’ or ‘presented to’ are used before the name of the recipient.

Recipient. This is the name of the employee receiving the award. For instance, it can be ‘John Brown.’ Just like the title, the name should be emphasized. You can use larger fonts and different color.

Awarded by. The organization’s name appears after the recipient name. However, it can also be put above the title. The name should stand out by using a different font color.

Description. A phrase recognizing the employee’s efforts and accomplishments is included in the certificate. For instance, ‘In recognition of your hard work and dedication,’ ‘for your outstanding performance.’ it describes the employee’s accomplishments for earning the certificate.

Date. This is the date the award is presented to the employee or the day it is signed.

Signature of the company representative. The certificate should be signed by a company representative such as a general manager or a human resources manager. It can also have two signatures. This makes the certificate authentic. If it is one signature, then the line can be placed in the middle or aligned right. If using two signatures, one signature line can be placed on the right and the other on the left with space in between.

Sample employee of the month certificate


Employee of the month


Awarded to

James Brown


Awarded by

Yuvic Investments


In recognition of your hard work and dedication


Signature […] Date […]