Compensation is the recognition of an employee in the form of rewarding them due to their contribution to the organization that is by the services they offer in the group. Compensation is one of the motivating factors to all employees, and it keeps them on toes as they are sure after providing their service there will always be compensation.

An excellent compensation scheme will often attract the best employees, reduce the rate of turnover by employees and aid in employee retention. Therefore, managers should ensure that their compensation plan is good about the local market. In relation to these here are some employee compensation survey questions.

Employee attitude

  • Are you paid fairly in about the work you do?
  • Is your salary competitive with other jobs in the local market?
  • Do you understand the compensation scheme offered by your organization?
  • Are you satisfied with the benefits package that the company offers you?
  • What other benefits would you recommend the organization to consider?
  • How can you rate the benefits package offered by the organization?
  • Does your pay match your job performance?


  • Does the compensation offered by the organization meet your needs?
  • Does the business provide better and recommendable compensation compared to other agencies?
  • Does the organization offer comprehensive compensation package?
  • Do the benefits provided by the organization ensure the security for you and your entire family?
  • Does the compensation department in the organization offer you an accurate and helpful information?
  • Does the firm delay your payment?
  • What pay type does the organization offer to you?


  • Is the organization compensation scheme up to date?
  • Do the organization offer compensation in time?
  • Does the company provide reasonable compensation for extra time?
  • Is the organization able to meet deadlines regarding payment?
  • Does the organization compensate you in relation to time spent in doing your work?


  • Are there any compensations provided to the team?
  • Does the firm give benefits and rewards to the team after achievement of a goal?
  • Does the company compensation policy encourage teamwork?
  • Are teams rewarded for high performance and productivity?
  • Does the organization ensure that the team receives benefits that cater to their needs?
  • Would you recommend for more bonuses to be offered to encourage teamwork?


  • Are you rewarded in agreement with the level of performance?
  • Does the organization compensate you when you exceed the level of your performance?
  • How do employees who do not meet the level of their performance compensated?
  • Are you satisfied with the pay you receive?
  • Can you compare the benefits you receive with other agencies benefits?
  • Is the pay regarding performance competitive compared to other organizations?

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