Employee referral program has shown itself to be beneficial to many companies by getting them the right candidate for the open position without having to waste time and resources looking out there. Many organizations have embraced the idea of referral from their older employees making recruiting an easier cheaper process. The employee referral letter accompanies the new staff as they appear before the interviewing group giving them a better chance of being hired than those not referred. If the employee passes the interview, then they are employed, and the employee referral letter is filed in their employee file to mark the recruiting process of the particular employee apparently. An employee may be referred by employees working in that same organization that is hiring or someone from a different team who knows the employee well enough.

A sample Employee Referral Letter.

Carole Fischer,
Sardines International Limited,
456 Main St.
Philadelphia, PA 20046
carole.fischer@ sardines.net
January 4, 2015

Mr. John Doe,
Fisherman Camp,
962 Second St.
New Jersey, NJ 30004.

Dear Mr. Doe,

It is my pleasure to recommend Sara Peters; a first class honors graduate from the Yale University. Sara had worked in my organization for five years as a consultant in the operations department and has proved to be a great asset to our company.

I am referring Ms. Peters to your business because we both of our businesses deal with fish, and she is highly equipped with the right knowledge in canning and packing quality fish. Until our closure, Sara Peters worked incredibly hard even after discovering we were switching to a different business. She was always willing to give every task her level best to the very last day.

For the three years, we have worked with Ms. Peters; she has been able to handle her team well always meeting all the targets and most times even exceeding. Her team always emerged the top and were always on time to drive to work every day. All the newbies introduced to her team learned their way around very fast as she took ample time to train and nurture them.

She led the biggest team of 15 employees under her. I rank her to be the best employee I have come across.

If I can be of any other assistance, or you would require any more information concerning Ms. Peters, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Carole Fischer,
Sardines International Limited.

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