Onboarding is an imperative aspect of the hiring process. We are used to the usual onboarding practices. But, did you know that you should reward your new employees as well? You may ask why you should do that since they have not started working yet. But, you can make new hires feel welcome by according them onboarding gifts. What are some of the ideas you can implement:

Incentive rewards

  • Provide a monetary bonus-receiving a pay even before they work will make them feel motivated and they may want to stay in the company
  • Offer the new hires gift cards- Some excellent ideas can include MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Amazon and cards to shop and dine in notable departmental stores and restaurants.
  • Pay tuition or sponsor employees for extensive training.
  • Give incentives for the progress of the employees undergoing the onboarding program.
  • Note those new hires that have made a significant effort to the program and reward them with an improved pay than what was previously agreed upon.

Relaxation package

  • Provide a massage session to the new employees at no cost. This will relax them.
  • What about a pedicure or manicure treatment, the new staff will appreciate this offer.
  • A facial treatment for the ladies as well as the gentlemen will make them feel relaxed.
  • You could also give them some time off before they commence work officially after the onboarding program.
  • Introduce breaks that are filled with fun activities during the onboarding program.

Welcome gifts

  • Gather all other employees in an event where you introduce new hires.
  • You can prepare a grand event in the organization or at another location where vendors meet the new staff members.
  • Provide gifts for the family as well- paid tickets to the local amusement park will do just fine.
  • Introduce stock options for the new employees and their families.
  • Send a welcome gift to every new employee with their names tagged on it.

Work-related gifts

  • Offer laptops to the employees- They will certainly need them for their work in the company.
  • Provide company's tablets and smartphones- we are in a digital age; they will need these gadgets.
  • In some companies, you can provide a work wardrobe.
  • A company car may also be a great offer to managerial employees.
  • Give employees a company credit card.

Teambuilding gift ideas

  • Provide extended breaks to teams who finish their tasks timely.
  • Offer simple gifts such as puzzles to teams who outperform others.
  • Get a rotating gift, which is only retained by the best performing team.
  • Recognize the best teams with a banner hanged at the front of the training room.
  • Give a card signed by all the other teams to the best performing group.

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