Use these 21 key performance evaluation phrases to better acknowledge the abilities of your employees.

21 key performance evaluation phrases

Performance evaluations can yield greater improvements and efforts from the employees for an organization. Managers these days, like to provide more time for assessments to analyze their company’s or organization’s strengths and weaknesses. Similarly, when the evaluations are transferred onto or communicated to the employees or the workers, it initiates a reaction. The result affects the performance as well as the behavior of the employee. A positive review will provide the motivation for the employee, and a well written negative review will help the employee in improving his or her performance for the future.

Following are some of the performance evaluation techniques that can be used by the managers for their employees in an organization:

Attendance and Punctuality

Ben controls his schedule and gives his 100 % on the job.

Phillip’s staff is always on time because they are very strict with their time rules.

Sally controls her staff actually which wastes less time and makes her team more efficient.

Ron is very punctual, always utilizes his time for the best results.

James is very hardworking but should develop the habit of being on time and using his shift correctly.

Creativity and Innovation

Jenny is not afraid to think outside of the box.

Roy is very open minded, always comes up with new ideas and creative elements.

Paul is very open to new ideas and encourages his workers to be creative.

Seth has the curiosity element that makes his more creative and innovative.

Ellen needs to be more flexible and open to new ideas.

Management skills

John is an excellent manager; he keeps his employees motivated all the time.

Jake’s team has achieved their goal on time, and they remarked him well.

Sam is a boss, friend and an advisor for his workers at the same time.

Sally is unable to utilize her team’s skill set in achieving more.

Problem-solving skills

George always analyzes the problem at its root before solving it.

Jim is always able to break down his problem.

Sammy is courageous and deals with his team’s problem head on.

John is a very responsible person; he makes a decision on well-researched facts.

Teamwork skills

Jerry is always willing to go the extra mile for his team.

Jennifer is open to sharing her research with team members

Elizabeth is wholeheartedly working for the team’s success.

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