Among the various aspects that are evaluated during an employee performance evaluation, is teambuilding. How do employees perform as far as team building skills are concerned? You need to assess these skills, especially today when teamwork is necessary for organization’s success. But, you must know how to provide feedback to your employees’ performance. Here is a list of employee performance feedback examples:

Harnessing team environment

  • Joseph creates an environment that motivates other team members to work in a team.
  • Mary makes everybody in the team satisfied because she is keen on the success of others and the team rather than on hers.
  • Heather always depicts a positive attitude when working with his team.
  • One of the most compelling attributes of Ben is creating a healthy working environment for everybody.
  • Nellius initiates an environment where all people can discuss their thoughts be it bad or good.

Focus on team goals

  • Edward makes sure that all the team members understand their individual roles and also that obstacles to the success of the team are reduced or eliminated altogether.
  • Jude is always focused on the team goals. Hence, he works with others to achieve the common goal.
  • Marion encourages others to achieve the team goals.
  • Kerry is able to set his goals with employees and ensures that they are achieved in real time.
  • Mary can hardly meet her team targets. She needs to set realistic goals.

Relationship with others/ cooperation

  • Irene relates well with her teammates and even helps them where necessary.
  • Lucia does not cooperate well with her team members. She is always breeding new conflicts.
  • Even if Julius is a team member, he is poor in following up on the team’s progress, and he hardly assists others in finishing their tasks.
  • Brian concentrates much on his individual tasks that he is not able to recognize the needs of his colleagues.
  • Frank is good in completing his tasks, but he does not care about other employees who might require his assistance.


  • Tom always volunteers to finish off team projects. He is a key member of his team.
  • Helen contributes most ideas in the team and always have effective solutions when problems arise.
  • Jena does not like volunteering to work on team projects unless it is very necessary.
  • Aran will do everything to ensure that all team tasks are completed in time, even if he has to work overtime.
  • Bruce takes the initiative to complete more projects than his team members to make sure the team deadlines are met.


  • Joshua communicates to the team members effectively without raising negative reactions.
  • Terry tends to keep vital information from her team members.
  • Yen opposes criticism from his team members and confronts them furiously.
  • Grace should try to be open to the team rather than isolating herself as she does.
  • Tim does not know how to break the bad news to his teammates. He really needs to work on his communication skills.

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