Find out how to write an employee engagement letter and discover a sample of the same.

Sample employee engagement letter

A letter of engagement comes in handy when you are hiring new employees. It informs the new member of your staff about the terms and conditions associated with their employment in your organization. It summarizes details such as the starting date, the title of the job, the hours of work, and pay among other benefits, which the employee is entitled to.

How to develop an employee engagement letter

Include the terms of the employment

First, you should determine all the entitlements that are associated with the position. This will enable you to fill the relevant sections in the template as required. You should outline the;

  • Pay
  • Work hours
  • Loadings and penalties
  • Entitlements to leave
  • Employment termination details

Assess if you need legal assistance

Next, examine if you need to consult your legal team. While this is not always important, in certain industries it is crucial to seek the assistance of a legal professional anytime you are hiring a new employee. For example, some industries may restrict an employee from trading in the same line or to discloe confidential information. You can include such a clause in the employee engagement letter, or you could make it a part of the employee agreement form. Nonetheless, even in simpler roles, at times you might need the help of a professional to avoid legal complications in the future.

Discuss the letter with your new employee

If possible spare some time for a one-to-one meeting with your new employee to discuss the contents of the letter. You should be ready to explain the terms of the employment and to respond to any questions the new employee might have regarding the terms. Use this opportunity to explain your expectations. Then, give them time to synthesize the offer and the terms.

Maintain a copy of the engagement letter

Once, the employee has signed the engagement letter, send them a copy and keep the original letter, for future reference.

Sample Employee Engagement Letter

Letter head

Date: […]

Employee’s Full Name: […]

Employee’s Home Address: […]

Dear Miss Leaky,

Letter of Engagement

I am glad to offer you employment in the position of Marketing Manager with us at MacMillan Fashion, on the terms outlined in this letter.


  1. Your start date will be 13 Jan 2017
  2. Your employment will be full time.
  3. Your responsibilities are attached. You will be needed to perform the set out duties or any other the employer assigns you, in consideration of your training, experience, and skills.
  4. You will be required to perform your responsibilities at Melbourne or elsewhere as directed by the employer.

Terms and conditions of employment

  1. Unless extra provisions are provided in this letter, the conditions and terms of your employment are those presented in the employee agreement form.
  2. The additional terms in the attached schedule will also apply to your employment.

Hours of work

  1. You will work for 38 hours per week as well as extra hours, which are required to fulfill your responsibilities or as directed by the employer.


  1. You will be paid monthly at a rate of $6000.
  2. The employer will also make superannuation payments on your behalf.
  3. Your compensation will be evaluated every year and may be changed based on the discretion of the employer.


  1. You are entitled to leave including annual leave, parental leave, personal leave, and long service leave based on the employee agreement, and the national employment standards

Termination of employment

  1. If the employer decides to terminate your employment, you will receive a notice as per the attached document.
  2. Again, if you wish to terminate your employment with the company, you should notify the employer accordingly

To confirm your acceptance of this offer, send a signed copy of the letter to the employer

I […] acknowledge that I have the read the terms and conditions of the employment herein and accept the offer.

Signed / Date

Full Name […]

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