Find out cheap ideas on how to appreciate your employees and use them to keep the employee engaged.

Top 30 Employee Appreciation Ideas Cheap

Employees are the pillars of your company. They are the reason for your business success as they talk to your consumers, balance your record and much more. They give so much for your business, and as a manager, all you need to do is make them feel appreciated. Unappreciated employees may ruin your corporation relation with the customers, make the employee feel unappreciated which will lead reduced productivity.

Some managers, though not all, often recognize their employees due to the money factor. However, there are other employee appreciation ideas cheap and will suit your company. You don;t have to worry about breaking a bank or getting bankrupt. Here are Employee appreciation ideas cheap that will help you make you feel appreciated without interfering with your budget.

Classic ideas

  • A simple thank you note to the employee.
  • Send out recognition email to every employee.
  • Swap office with the employee for a day.
  • Give the employee break and let them enjoy their happy hour
  • Have a wall of fame and hang the employees; pictures on the wall.

Fun ideas

  • Encourage employees to use fun ideas at the workplace.
  • Give employees a white board to brag off their accomplishment.
  • Keep the employees engaged by playing games at the office.
  • Create inter-department competition on a day.
  • Allow the staffs to watch a movie on the appreciation day.

Work ideas

  • Give the employee a day or half off.
  • Allow employee to be flexible with the working hours.
  • Let the employees come to work late or leave early.
  • Have the staffs ditch a task or project.
  • A day to give back to the community and to volunteer to charity events.

Foods ideas

  • Invite the productive employee to your home and offer dinner.
  • Throw a pizza party to the employees.
  • Give the teams donuts as a way of recognition.
  • Appreciate your employees by providing fruits.
  • Give free snacks and ice-creams on the day.

Team building ideas.

  • Encourage employees to brainstorm a project.
  • Have a theme song to play in the office.
  • Use webinars and conferences to train the teams.
  • Apply peer recognition strategies where employees choose the most productive among them.
  • Have a family day for all the staff.

Verbal ideas

  • Recognize the employee in a meeting.
  • Walk to the employee and say thank you.
  • Be kind to the employee always.
  • Say thank you with a bunch of flowers.
  • Have an open forum with employees and discuss work nonrelated issues.

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