Check out our xx project management questions and master them for your coming project management interview.

8 Top Project Management Interview Questions and Answer pdf

A project manager is a person who manages a project based on the time, quality and the budget allocated. Project management is the most important job in a company. A project manager has the role of planning, executing and even closing of a project in any field he/she operates. A manager knows the importance of a project manager, and he will ask different tough question during an interview to make sure he/she pick the right candidate

These project management interview questions and answers will help you prepare for the next sitting in a meeting. No matter how your resume looks colourful with different projects portfolio, the success of your job interview will depend on in how you face the interview process. You can download the project management interview questions and answers pdf and modify them to suit your needs. Here are the common project management interview questions and answers you might encounter.

Basic project management questions

  • Define a project?

A project is tasks of activity that are undertaken to make a product or deliver services.

  • Describe the roles of a good project manager?

A good project manager should be goal oriented, capable and determined and should be a good leader.

  • Have you ever worked as a project manager before?

Answer tip: This question is fundamental, and you expect it to be in every interview. Make sure you give a concise and a direct short answer.

  • What are some of the projects that you have faced in the past?

I have worked on different projects in the past six years which I have clearly indicated on my resume.

Job skills and management

  • What is the lifecycle of a project?

Although the methodology of working on a project may differ from one project to the other, the phases undertaken by a project are similar. The first step is the start phase followed by organising phase, working/activity phase and finally closing phase.

  • What entails the scope management?

Range management includes collecting requirements, defining scope, creating WBS, verifying the scope and controlling the extent.

  • How do you manage a team with different personality during a project?

I delegate task according to skills and expertise. The primary goal of the process is preventing the project from clashing together with the great personality.

  • What is your approach to project management?

Project management is applying both skills and knowledge of the team members and the project manager, using all the necessary resources to ensure that a defined project is accomplished.

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